Top Ten LGBTQ Books the Younger Me Desperately Needed by Dawn Betts-Green

Nerdy Book Club

Educators and librarians are well aware that every child and young adult needs to find themselves reflected in the pages of the books they read.  For some this is more difficult to achieve than others.  As an LGBTQ youth just coming out in the 90s and living in small-town, rural Alabama, I sought frantically through my library’s shelves for books that would help me understand this new part of my identity.  Whether it was because they weren’t there or I just didn’t find them, I was unsuccessful, and I didn’t locate those books until I started college and discovered the wonders of my first gay bookstore.  It’s my hope that someday, this will simply be an historical anecdote that no LGBTQ person can relate to, that all libraries (school and public alike) will be stocked with multitudes of relevant books for these kids.

With that end in mind, what follows…

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