FEMINISM FROM A to Z is coming soon!!!

In eight weeks, my first YA nonfiction book, FEMINISM FROM A to Z, will be released!




Often, people think that feminism isn’t for them. I’m not a girl, they might say, so feminism doesn’t apply to me. Or they might think that feminism is only for people who are White, cisgender, middle-class, and well-educated. And, to be fair, quite a few scholars and activists approach feminism that way.

But I don’t. I believe, to use bell hooks’ words, that feminism is for everybody. That’s what I want this book to be – for everybody.

And I’m going to spend the next few weeks proving that to you.

How? Between now and October 23 (when FEMINISM FROM A to Z releases), I’ll be asking lots of people the following question:

“What does feminism mean to you?”

I can’t wait to hear the answers. I don’t know what people will say, but I have a feeling that their responses will be as varied as the people themselves. So stay tuned!

FEMINISM FROM A to Z is now available for preorder.



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