. . . E-F-G . . . F is for FRED KOREMATSU SPEAKS UP author Laura Atkins!

Everyone who believes in feminism and social justice should read Fred Korematsu Speaks Up. Written partly in verse, it tells the story of Fred Korematsu’s refusal to leave his home and be relocated against his will to a prison camp. Laura Atkins, who co-authored this book with Stan Yogi, is a fierce advocate for social justice.


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When I asked her, “What does feminism mean to you,” this is how she responded:

I grew up with a feminist mother who attended NAM meetings when I was a kid (New American Movement). In my world, I knew that girls and women should always have the same rights as men. And I don’t think it was until after high school that I started to understand how sexism had affected, and was affecting, my life on many levels. I was an active part of social justice groups in high school, and looking back I realized that boys tended to take leadership roles, as well as being recognized as, and expected to be, leaders.

That experience emboldened me to look at the world critically, and to expect and demand a place at the table, every time. Now I’ve got a ten-year-old daughter, and am doing my best to prepare her for a world that can be unfair, but to surround her with girl-empowering camps and groups to offset the often-toxic patriarchy of our society. Feminism, to me, is equality. And a fight – in sisterhood and with male allies – so that we can all be participants together, in our world.

Thank you, Laura!


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Laura Atkins is an author, teacher and children’s book editor who worked at Children’s Book Press, Orchard Books, and Lee & Low Books. With an MA in Children’s Literature and an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults, she co-wrote Fred Korematsu Speaks Up, and is the author of the picture book, Sled Dog Dachshund. Passionate about diversity and equity in children’s books, Laura is based in Berkeley, California.

FEMINISM FROM A to Z is now available for pre-order!




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