. . . L-M-N-O-P . . . M is for A MAP FOR WRECKED GIRLS author Jessica Taylor!

I met Jessica Taylor a few years ago at a local SCBWI event, where she was a workshop presenter. I’m sure her presentation was chock-full of good information. But I took away only one thing from her workshop – the fact that she completed a law degree, then walked away from a potential law career to write full time.


A MAP FOR WRECKED GIRLS is Jessica’s second novel. See what happens when you follow your dreams?


A Map for Wrecked Girls cover


Here’s how Jessica responded to the question, “What does feminism mean to you?”

As a twelve-year-old girl, after a boy was sexually aggressive toward me, I first became aware of the concept that men would feel they had a right to my body—that my body wasn’t my own—simply because I was female. More than anything in the world, I wanted this not to be so, even if I couldn’t find a word to describe that feeling. Later in life, the word feminism became a word to hang my hope upon.

The more distance I got from my oppressive and conservative hometown—both emotionally and physically—I could more clearly see the ways different kinds of discrimination overlap and combine. It was at that point that my feminism became what I considered to be intersectional, a diverse group coming together to strive for equality. That ideal may feel farther out of reach than ever, but feminism is once again a word brimming with what we all need most in these dark times—hope.

Thank you, Jessica!


Jessica Taylor Headshot 2


Jessica Taylor adores atmospheric settings, dangerous girls, and characters whosneak out late at night. She started her first novel-length writing attempt in the middle of finals during her second year of law school, and over those three weeks managed to finish it. That first embarrassing effort is now locked away, just like her grades from that semester. Throughout college, she worked as a cosmetic artist and through law school as a certified legal intern for the Sacramento District Attorney’s office. Desperately she tried to tuck away her creative side and embrace something more sensible, but even when she wasn’t committing words to paper, she still found herself writing—in the car, the shower, and even the courtroom. After stumbling upon a few real-life tales of people becoming castaways not too far from civilization, her latest novel, A Map for Wrecked Girls, came to life. Jessica now lives in Northern California, not far from San Francisco, withalawdegreeshe isn’t using, one dog, and many teetering towers of books.

FEMINISM FROM A to Z is now available for pre-order!



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