. . . Q-R-S . . . Q is for QUEER THERE AND EVERYWHERE author Sarah Prager!

I met Sarah Prager this past summer at OutWrite!, an LGBTQ+ literary festival sponsored by the DC Center for the LGBT Community.  Sarah is the author of Queer There and Everywhere: 23 People Who Changed the World. You DEFINITELY need to check this one out!




Sarah and I did a panel presentation at OutWrite! called “Hidden Histories,” where we talked about how we share our collective queer histories through our writing. I talked about the research I did to gather information for my picture book biography of Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, When You Look Out the Window.

Here’s a photo of us, proudly showing off our books.




Those big smiles on our faces? Part of that is the afterglow of just having seen – and touched – a necklace and a shawl owned by José Sarria. Sarah and I fangirled HARD over this. It was a bonding moment, let me tell you.





I asked Sarah, “What does feminism mean to you?” This is what she said:

Equity! We should all have equal opportunities and rights regardless of gender. I say equity instead of equality because different genders sometimes have different needs so getting equal opportunities and rights may not look exactly the same for everyone. For example, a person who can get pregnant needs certain benefits and protections that a person who can’t get pregnant doesn’t need. These aren’t “special rights” – they are what are needed for equity. If you are of a privileged gender (male, cisgender), please speak up for those less privileged. Feminism needs everyone!

Yes, feminism needs everyone! Thank you, Sarah!


prager headshot


Sarah Prager is the author of Queer, There, and Everywhere: 23 People Who Changed the World, a young adult book published by HarperCollins in May 2017 that tells the true stories of queer people from history from the 200s to the 2000s. The book has received three starred reviews (including the Kirkus Star), a nomination for a New England Book Award, and is an official selection of the Junior Library Guild. Sarah is also the creator of the Quist mobile app which shows its thousands of users what happened on this day in LGBTQ+ history. An activist and writer who has spoken on queer history across four countries, Sarah lives in Connecticut with her wife and daughter. More information at www.sarahprager.com.

FEMINISM FROM A to Z is now available for pre-order!



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