Happy Birthday to You, FEMINISM FROM A to Z!!!

Happy birthday to you . . .

Happy birthday to you . . .

Happy birthday, dear FEMINISM FROM A to Z . . .

Happy birthday to you!!!


These last few weeks, about a dozen people, including Alex Gino, Carol Jenkins, Margarita Engle, and Phyllis Lyon, shared their thoughts about what feminism means to them. Everyone had something different to share. And all of it was incredibly powerful. Their voices confirmed for me that feminism is far from dead, it’s relevant to everyone, and it’s needed in a big, big way. Especially now.

So here it is! FEMINISM FROM A to Z is an alphabetical primer of feminist theory, history, and activism. Each chapter brings readers into theory, and translates that into actions you can take TODAY. It’s written from a teen-centered perspective, although I think it’s a great book for adults too – especially if you’re unfamiliar with what feminism is all about.      I promise you that by the time you’re finished reading it, you’ll be more informed about feminism – and you’ll have some new tools that will help you tap into your voice, your strength, and your power.

You can get a taste of FEMINISM FROM A to Z by watching my book trailer. And then you can come to one of my book launch events and pick up your own copy! Here’s where I’ll be:

Thursday, October 26, Avid Reader in Davis, 5pm.

Friday, October 27th,  Avid Reader on Broadway, 5pm. 

Saturday, October 28th, Sacramento Storybook Festival, 9am to 2pm.

Saturday, November 4, Laurel Book Store in Oakland, 2pm.

Whew! That’s a lot of parties! But FEMINISM FROM A to Z is worth celebrating. So come join me! I’d love to see you at one of my events.




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2 responses to “Happy Birthday to You, FEMINISM FROM A to Z!!!

  1. Cristina Jordan

    I was at the Banned Book Panel at Sac City College. You were fabulous! Today a colleague asked me if I remembered the term you used to define when someone does not see themselves represented in books (or other media). I would be so grateful if you would remind me!

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